Anton Kohutovic – Advanced Body Mechanics in Basic Techniques of Lichtenauer’s School (Langes Schwert)

The masters of the 15th century are very brief; they left us only a few words about quite complex techniques. If we follow their instructions we can get a basic idea what was the intent behind the lesson. We know what should we strive to do. But there are more questions to answer: How? Why? And when?

In this workshop, we will focus on the “how” question. We will try to inflate 2 sentences of technique description into a full and meaningful process of how to perform techniques in a more effective way. We will try to look at rotation and energy transformation from a slightly unusual angle. This workshop will include techniques like Zornhau ort, Schiller against positions and absetzen.

Gear Requirements: Safe and flexible longsword, mask, gloves, jacket and chest protection
Experience Requirements: Intermediate

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Große Halle (SA)