Hier findet ihr alle bisher bestätigten Trainer des Schwabenhau 2024!

Lydia Röntgen

Lydia Röntgen

Lydia started her fencing career in 2009 with Longsword and branched out into Rapier in 2019. She started her Trainer career in 2022 as a Co-Trainer for Longsword with the Schwabenfedern.

Workshop: Godinhos Taschensand (Lydia Röntgen / Rapier o. Einhandwaffe)

Fioretto Luca Basile

Luca Basil

Fioretto Luca has been practicing historical fencing since 2005. In June 2022 he graduated as a historical and artistic fencing master at the Accademia Nazionale di Scherma di Napoli. In the same year in December he also gained the title of national instructor for olympic fencing and published the first Italian commented version of “His Practise” by Vincentio Saviolo, which includes the most detailed research on the author and his treatise.

He currently teaches in Belluno both historical and olympic fencing at the Accademia di Scherma Dolomiti, the association he founded, which currently counts four chapters in the Dolomites area.

Workshop: Controtempo in Neapolitan Rapier Alone (Luca Basil)

Workshop: Controtempo in Neapolitan Rapier & Dagger (Luca Basil)